Build websites using static generators

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We build websites using static generators. The new way of making websites.

Static Generators Explained

Static generators produce static websites consisting of html, css, and javascript. It improves user experience, website performance and security.

Host for Free

Host your website on Github Pages, Netlify, Firebase, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc. - for free. Why pay if you can get it for free?

Easy to Maintain

Update your content easily with markdown - a better way to write content for your website and edit your website directly from your Github account with authorized. Or log in to to write a new post.

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Secure with ease

Static sites are almost impossible to hack, giving you a peace of mind. Also, you can secure your website with SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt free of charge.

High Performance

Static websites have no database queries to run, making it fast when visitors visit your site. No need to worry about traffic spikes! Nothing can beat that!

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Custom Design

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Creative Build

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Exceptional Support


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